Story of Venetian glass mirror from Italy to India

Mirrors made of Venetian glass can be used to add a touch of elegance to any room.

Mirrors were first produced for noblemen and royalty in Italy in the 15th century.

Then there was a time when mirrors were made solely for the purpose of assisting with illumination. In castles and big estates, mirrors were utilised to reflect candlelight or other sources of light, brightening spaces significantly. One of the first places where mirrors were made was in Venice. Venetian artists have been manufacturing glass since the thirteenth century. The glass manufacturers’ quality, craftsmanship, and dedication were so high that they were relocated to Murano Island, which was carefully guarded to keep the secrets of glass making safe.

The Venetian glass mirror makers became increasingly prosperous over time, and the state moved to protect their holdings.

A Venetian mirror is distinguished by its bevelled, etched, hand-cut glass with floral motifs. Today, we admire them primarily for their aesthetic value; usefulness is virtually an afterthought.

Venetian mirrors come in a variety of designs, from glitzy and extravagant to beautiful and polished. They’re a lot of fun to hang and will dress up whatever space you put them in.

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